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  • Build a Stakeholder Base That Raves About Them
  • Always Deliver Projects On Time and Within Budget
  • Deliver a Steady Flow of Profitable Projects Without Being Overworked

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Scott Kennedy

Scott Kennedy, Leading Solutions Sales Professional – Master Reseller of LINQ

We’re determined to get the value of LINQ into everyone’s hands.
We’ve obliterated the previous entry level price of $28,800! Even below the $3,000 Contract BA’s have told us they’d pay.

The ONLY Business Modelling and Insights Tool That Allows You to Place Value on Information Assets

LINQ allows you to add value to your stakeholders and clients, 10 times faster than any other method.
Using LINQ gives you a unique advantage over your competitors, allowing you to offer dynamic and evidence based insights, proving beyond doubt that your projects are going to provide generous return on investment.

What is LINQ Overlay


What People Are Saying About LINQ

Model Current and Proposed Ways of Operating, and Compare Prior to Making Any Real World Changes Without Visio.

Gone Are The Days Of:

  • Battling with Visio diagrams that are constantly changing as new information comes in
  • Collecting Post-It Notes off walls and trying to make sense of them when you get back to the office
  • Taking photos of whiteboards and spending hours deciphering and recreating them after workshops
  • Missing key pieces of information and having to revisit workshops to get buy in
  • Entering information into Excel spreadsheets to work out costs and return on investment
  • Filing your hard work in a cabinet or folder, never to be seen again, and having to start from scratch the next time a similar project comes around

There’s a new way – own that will let you gather information and offer insights that lead to evidence-based decision making (without having to be a financial genius), and deliver results 10xfaster leaving everyone happy.

Greg Rozen

Greg Rozen, Programme Manager

This software is AMAZING! When we’re engaged by clients to check the maturity of the delivery teams and look for efficiencies in current processes, we’ll often call upon LINQ as a means to rapidly capture the systems, people and processes being deployed. What LINQ brings to the discussion via the insights reporting is identifying areas of the business where change will have the greatest impact

EASY Modelling & insights DATA WITH

The 3-Step LINQ Framework

1. Model Your Current State Process

Start from scratch or edit a tried and proven template –
the LINQ canvas is your new secret weapon for modelling, analysing and presenting to clients

  • Easy to use drag-n-drop canvas
  • Prebuilt connection rules for rapid gathering of information
  • Tag areas for improvement for dynamic insights
  • Warning Panel so nothing can be forgotten

Unlimited Use on Single User Foundation Plan

Model your current state process
Analyse Return

2. Tag Areas for Improvement and Analyse Return

Talk the language of your customer. Use Insights to show real savings that can be made along with impact on strategic objectives – before you’ve even started talking about what the solution might be!

  • Calculate potential savings
  • Tag manual processes, risks, duplicated effort etc.
  • Dive into detail to validate options
  • Impress clients with easy-to-understand dashboards that highlight impacts on Outcomes, People, Systems, Actions and Information

3. Model and Compare Your Future State

Clone your current state and plug in the changes proposed to rapidly develop understanding of your future state’s impact on people, systems, actions and information; along with costs, productivity and strategic outcomes

  • No more spreadsheets, graphs or lengthy word documents
  • Only the insights you really need, updated in real time in the Dashboards and Compare panels
  • Use the Compare function to instantly understand the differences between current and future states
  • Simplify reporting by sharing results with your clients and internal stakeholders in a way they'll understand
LINQ Sketch Comparison
Publish LINQ Sketch


LINQ helps you every step of the way

LINQ See Icon

Visualise your organisation in a new way

LINQ allows you to SEE your organisation in a new way. LINQ’s language lets you capture a view of your business that you’ve never had before; a cross-organisational perspective of your people, processes, technology & information and how they support what you do.

LINQ Solve Icon

Compare and model alternative solutions

Through the modelling of scenarios of change, you can SOLVE your business transformation challenge; quickly understand your starting point, provide information to decision makers they really understand and prioritise your investment.

LINQ Share Icon

Share in a way decision makers understand

Finally you can take the entire organisation on the journey with you as you SHARE the outcomes that will be delivered.

LINQ Simplify Condense and Automate

Simplify, condense, and automate processes

Understand where the complexity in your business lies and the impact it has on your ability to create real business value. Experiment with the impact of automation in the digital twin helping you to see how that changes the way people work and the value they create.

LINQ Justify Spend Eliminate Waste

Justify spending and eliminate operational waste

Build business cases for change faster than ever before. Create narratives for the Executive and decision makers which will make them take notice of the change you are proposing. It will almost become negligent not to act on the basis of the evidence you will show.

LINQ Improve Communication Synchronise Team

Improve communication and synchronise your team

Learn what your team does, who they interact with and how that communication may be improved. Validate roles and ensure that cross-team communication breaks down silos to ensure your business runs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

LINQ Align Cost and Value

Align cost and value

Understand how much the assets you rely on really cost to produce. Move the value conversation away from speculation and gut feel to being data-driven. With this data to hand, understanding how change can reduce operational costs and increase value is a game changer.

LINQ Prioritise Projects and Manage Efficiently

Prioritise projects and manage them efficiently

Stop relying on who shouts the loudest, or who has been here the longest as the prioritisation work for projects and programmes of work. Use value as the criteria through which to assess the impact of change, and deliver the most valuable change first – all supported by clear data-driven insights.

LINQ Transform with Quantifiable Insight

Transform your business using quantifiable insights

Through the capture of your current and future states, LINQs insights will tell the story of the impact of your change, before you start any work. LINQs insight cards quantify and qualify the change enabling you to understand what successful transformation looks like and share this with the entire organisation.

Choose A Plan To Get Started

Free Trial

14 days of full functionality to crack through your first few projects at lightning speed

FREE for 14 days

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Canvases
  • Unlimited Sharing
Our trial is 100% obligation free! No credit card required! No tricky exit clauses! Just use is for 14 days FREE!

Single User Foundation Plan

Limited time offer for Single Users.
Once our LINQ Lite Single User plan with monthly pricing is launched, this offer disappears.


14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
Cancel Anytime.

  • 1 Editor
  • Unlimited Canvases
  • Unlimited Sharing
  • All Enterprise Functionality*
  • Includes Commercial Use
  • Don't miss out on this deal! Once out monthly pricing plan arrives, no-one else will get access to this offer.
LINQ Special Offer

LINQ Enterprise

Identify, Quantify and Measure your change initiatives in a way that makes sense to your decision makers –
10x faster than ever before

Start Small, grow as you need to. 

Starting at only $500 per user per month (10% discount for annual plans)

14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
Cancel Anytime.

  • Add More Users as Value Grows (prices apply)
  • Unlimited Canvases
  • All Features and Functions
  • Unlimited Internal Use
  • Use for Business Development Allowed
  • Organisation Specific Palette
  • Customised User Training
  • Optional Service Level Agreements

Choose Monthly or Annual option below

Brett Madsen

Brett Madsen, Change – Strategy – Renewal – Leader – Influencer

I had LINQ for less than a month before I was able to use it to secure a follow on project for a large Government client. LINQ makes information gathering and decision making so much easier, and creates recurring revenues out of one off projects.

Common Questions

Is LINQ right for my business

There are so many ways that you can use LINQ to your benefit, whether you provide contract services (Business Analysis, Program/Project Management, IT Consulting, Continuous Improvement, etc), or an IT Professional inside of an organisation… you can leverage the powerful functionalities to offer benefits in Project Prioritisation, Digital Transformation, or simply improve Evidence Based Decision Making regardless of the change being considered.

How long does it take to set up my Canvas and get to the Insights?

It depends on how complex the process is that you’re modelling. However, our users tell us that gathering the required information to analyse change benefits is 10 times faster than traditional tools like Visio, Excel, and Word

How long does it take to get up and running?

Trial and LINQ Single User Foundation Accounts are generated immediately, you can be up and running shortly after you’ve provided us with the information to set up your account. 
Enterprise Accounts are all validated to ensure appropriate authorities are in place and can take up to 24 hours to activate once accounts have been set up.

How clever do I have to be to use it?

If you’re used to gathering business information, you will have no trouble getting used to LINQ. Normally users are up and running on real projects in a day or two. The Insights occur automagically in the background

What if I need more than three Editors

There is no limit to the number of Editors that you can have in a LINQ Enterprise Subscription (although there are additional charges). We always recommend starting with the Small Enterprise plan. You have total control over users, so if you want to swap and change as LINQ is used in different areas of your business you can.

Do you offer services if we don't want to learn the tool ourselves?

We don’t, but we do have a strong Partner Network that does. Our Partners have capabilities in IT Strategy, Business Analysis, Information Management, Program Management and Enterprise Architecture (among other skills). We can put you in touch with trained professionals to facilitate your change projects within your LINQ subscription (Enterprise only).

How do I share my work with others?

With Enterprise Subscriptions you can collaborate with other LINQ Editors by inviting them into your Sketch. For Single Use plans you can Publish your Sketches by sharing a URL for them to view. You have full control over the information they see.

Can I use LINQ to provide services to other companies?

Yes of course. The LINQ Single User Foundation Plan can be used to achieve this. Not all of the LINQ Enterprise capabilities come with the Single User, so if you want to enable collaboration with your customers through LINQ or invite others to help you capture content, talk to us about becoming a Consultant Partner. You will have the opportunity to create customer specific accounts in which you can add users, share outcomes, collaborate on outcomes and deliver even more value.

What is the difference between LINQ and other software?

LINQ allows you to gather information about your business or your client’s business 10xfaster than any other tool. As you’re gathering this information, dynamic insight panels and dashboards are being created allowing you to deliver information to decision makers in a way that they understand without having to leave LINQ and go to any other tool.

How secure is my data?

LINQ has jumped through all the Security hoops on many occasions, meeting the NZ Government Security requirements. LINQ is hosted in AWS in Sydney.

Are you ready to get things done 10 times faster and deliver insights your decsion makers understand for evidence based decision making?

Finally, a single platform that lets you see what you’re doing currently, highlight potential changes that will deliver the best return, and model new ways of operating before making any real world changes.

“Invest thousands before committing millions”

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© LINQ Ltd & Fill The Gap Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
* All Enterprise Functionality is included in the Single User Foundation Plan except the Organisation Functionality, which allows for the creation of a Global Palette for multiple Users to Share.

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